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Meet Jessica


Jessica Matat is a first-generation Egyptian-Peruvian American formerly working with The Enclave Entertainment Group as a Producer and Junior Executive. Before joining the Enclave, she first started as an intern for Britespark Films, in London, and within a month was made researcher and producer's assistant to one of the producers for The World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys, which premiered on Channel 5 UK. From there, she moved to LA, and interned at Aggregate Films, so she could get a better read on scripted development. Through her London connections, she was able to work for the Head of Partnerships at BAFTA North America in helping launch the development division for The Enclave Entertainment Group. She then transitioned back into non-fiction and dove into casting as a Casting Associate Producer on The Bachelorette, so that she may bring in more men of color with stories to share. After wrapping, her mentor through Women of Color Unite advised her to work at CAA so she could get to know the major players in the industry.


While Jessica still collaborates with The Enclave Entertainment Group on a few projects, she strives to assist each company she works for in pushing the envelope towards diverse storytelling. 

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