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Networking for Career Filmmakers is a Film/TV networking group that Jessica created for career filmmakers across the world.

Its primary goal is to provide a platform for global filmmakers/storytellers so that they can work and interact with one another. Members can share film/tv related events, collaborate on projects with other members, and help develop projects at various stages. In short, this isn't for the hobbyist.

It's a place to learn, grow and support each other worldwide.

Moderators include:



Darlene Dalmaceda

Director, Writer, Actress

Based in Las Vegas, NV

Darshell Sanderfer

Writer, Actor, Singer 

Based in Pensacola, FL


event recordings

The following videos are from events curated by Jessica for the members of Networking for Career Filmmakers. Some events were part of a collaboration with other groups, festivals, or online platforms that are linked below. Unfortunately, some events, like NFCF's Networking Hour or a select few tutorials, are NOT recorded for privacy reasons. Still, various events include webinars, table reads, Q&A's, and even informationals with industry professionals. Feel free to look through Jessica's event log!




NFCF started a partnership with Seed&Spark, a crowdfunding platform that is offering members of our group 1:1 mentoring with their crowdfunding specialists for free as a first time deal. Access your FREE consultation here! 



Jessica couldn't have done some of these events without the lovely filmmakers who collaborated with her, so click on any of these logos to learn more about these groups. Don Daniel is the founder of the Just A Minute Festival, an online film festival that celebrates one-minute films. Chandra Thomas and Aden Yaregal are the founders of Greater Film Fest (GFF), a group whose mission is to amplify stories for the greater good. Daniele Truocchio is the founder of The Virtual Networking Tank (TVNT), a revolutionary online platform for 1:1 virtual networking events. Click their names to learn more about each of them!

future EVENTS

Check back in to see what Jessica will be up to next!

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